Contemporary Bedrooms and Bespoke Bedroom Design

"At Moir Wade Design we pride

ourselves on the ability to create

havens of peace & tranquility."

"The Master Suite"

A mix of walnut and vavona burl veneers create incredibly rich, warm tones. When mixed with fabulous soft furnishings and a contemporary take on the traditional four poster bed you are left with a room that oozes opulence and gives a taste of true luxury.

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"Pretty In Pink"

Exciting Zebrano veneers are used to make furniture which is the perfect companion to the shocking pink accents used in the soft furnishings creating the perfect, dream bedroom for a growing teen.

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"5 Star Luxury"

Asked to provide a client with a 5 Star Hotel experience at home, we mixed light maple furniture, bright fabrics and a huge amount of mirrored glass to recreate the kind of sparkling luxury rarely experienced in your own home.

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To create furniture with character enough to suit the renovated building in which it sat, we opted to use an oak burl panel and a stepped & pillared design instantly adding a level of grandeur and maturity to the furniture. 

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Oak furniture with arched burl oak panels perfectly compliments the existing lilac colour scheme in this room. Bespoke, handmade glass panels further distinguishes the design and provides beautiful screens to diffuse the soft lighting in the room.

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